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Is glamping for me?

It's important to ask yourself if this type of experience is right for you. Glamping cannot be compared to regular camping or classic hotels - it's something new, interesting, and unique.


From a stove, refrigerator, through electricity and water filters to board games and terrace blinds for full privacy - every space in Kaluna Glamp tents has been designed to make you feel at home in the midst of nature. However, there are some things that we cannot control. So, please remember that our glamping is and has always been an outdoor experience, in an open tent field.


Below, we try to answer the most important questions regarding our glamping. If there is something else you would like to know, please write to us and we will gladly dispel any doubts.

Is there a kitchen?

The kitchenette includes:

  • safe two-burner gas cooker 

  • Italian coffee maker (coffee stock + sugar in stock)

  • milk frother AMICA 

  • fridge with small freezer compartment  

  • pot and pan

  • kettle

  • cutting boards

  • knife set 

  • vegetable peeler

  • blades 

  • cutlery 

  • cutlery: bowls, plates, cups and glasses

  • water filter jug (+ spare filters) - thanks to that you don't have to bring plastic water bottles :) 

  • field sink with a 10l water container

  • Wine Opener

  • can opener

  • cloths and sponges

  • fire extinguisher

  • 2 bins (segregated) 

  • garbage bags + bio bags

  • axe


In case of sudden reluctance to cook, we recommend a walk to the "U Szwagra" bar or a ride to the nearby pubs. 

Are the tents close to the lake?

Yes! 200m from the lake! The clean lake Maroz is recommended for swimming. Along the shoreline of the field, you will find several piers - larger and smaller, more intimate.

At the campsite there is a water equipment rental  - more in the tab PLACE AND SURROUNDINGS

The tents do not have a direct view of the lake - sometimes it gets quite crowded and noisy on the shore in the season, so we wanted your comfort - the tents stand on the edge of the field with an unobstructed view of the pine forest!

Is there a bathroom?

 Of course. There are several shared facilities with flushing toilets. Showers with hot water are available on the campground, located in the main building near the gate, and free to use. However, as everywhere, sometimes there are water outages. We do not provide towels or toiletries, so please bring what you need. Out of respect for nature and your body, we recommend using natural and preferably biodegradable products. We'll provide a roll of toilet paper to start, but if you're staying longer, please bring your own or let us know in advance, and we'll supply your tent.

Are there mosquitoes?

We would be lying if we said there were none. It's Mazury and summer, and mosquitoes are common in Mazury during the summer. There are also ticks and other insects.
Each entrance to the tent is secured with a mosquito net. Additionally, you can hang a prepared mosquito net over your bed and feel like in a royal chamber. Each tent is equipped with mosquito repellent, although we recommend bringing your own supply from home.

Is there electricity?

Yes. Each tent has a total of 4 free sockets so that you can plug in your favorite devices. However, please remember that too many devices connected at once can cause a short circuit. Please don't bring electric kettles and other power-hungry devices - each tent is equipped with a kettle for the stove, in which boiling water will take 6 minutes instead of 3, in the spirit of slow life :) The outdoor lighting operates on solar energy. Alert: on gloomy days, our solar batteries may not be fully charged

Is there Wi-Fi?

NO, and that's intentional. We wanted to preserve the camping atmosphere. The signal can be spotty, but if it happens to be available, you can always use your phone as a hotspot. You can also take a break and disconnect from the world - we also recommend this option :)

Can I come with a pet?

 We love animals and welcome them. Please, do not let your pets sit on the couch or bed, out of respect for other people's allergies. Also, consider your furry friends and how they will behave in the space - the tents are part of the forest and other animals are present on the camping field.

is it safe?

 The camping area is monitored, and on-site supervision is provided by the owner of the field - Krzysztof. The vast majority of guests are people who have been coming there for generations and have full trust in each other. Padlocks with combination codes have been installed on the tents, and you will receive a unique code.

Please be careful when using them so as not to accidentally change the code. However, let us remember that it is a tent made of material that does not have anti-burglary doors. For peace of mind, we recommend keeping valuable items locked up, such as in your car. We do not take responsibility for items left in the tent.

Is it warm? 

The tents are waterproof and windproof. We have secured the tent as best as we can, but its walls are still made of fabric. When nights are colder, you have extra blankets and hot water bottles at your disposal in each tent. We also recommend packing thicker layers and warm pajamas just in case :) On really cold nights, you can also use the heater available in each tent - the tents heat up quickly :)

How many nights to book Kaluna Glamp? 

Glamping is all about experiencing. To fully feel the atmosphere, it's worth taking the time to slow down. The tent can be booked for a minimum of 2 nights, but we recommend staying for a minimum of 3-5. The location and surroundings of Swaderek are beautiful. The tents are located by the lake, in the heart of the Masurian forests. This not only provides relaxation in the tents themselves but also plenty of opportunities to spend your free time (check out the "LOCATION AND SURROUNDINGS" section). You can spend the whole day on the lake paddling on a SUP, kayaking down the Marózka river, renting bikes and getting lost in the surrounding forests or taking a trip, for example, around the lake.


You know best how you rest and how many days you need, but if you have any questions that would help you make a decision, feel free to write to us :)

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