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The path of the heart

The Path of the Heart

This is us - KA -  Kasia and Kasia - the ones who dreamt up this place. The ones who found the courage to create and fulfill a childhood fantasy. LUNA, because everything comes true here, under the Mazurian sky, in the rays of the sun and the moonlight.

We build trust through our authenticity and belief in the values we want to convey. It's the fulfillment of OUR childhood dreams combined with the experience gained during multiple trips to the most beautiful and luxurious places in the world, where it doesn't have to be perfect to be perfect. In respect for nature, where WE are the guests. 

We invite you to a place that was created from inner joy, fantasy, and creativity. A place that we create with our whole heart. 

We take pride in preserving nature and being respectful guests, and we invite you to join us in this journey. Our glamping site is a place where internal joy, fantasy, and creativity meet, and we have poured our hearts and work into creating this unique experience for you. 

Ścieżka serca. Ka to my -  Kasia i Kasia – te, które wyśniły sobie to miejsce. Te, które znalazły w sobie odwagę tworzenia. I
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